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Xen-Do Kickboxing and Martial Arts London

Important announcement!

Xen-Do Martial Arts is now closed due to Tier 4 restrictions. In the meantime, we are offering 1:1 private park classes, which can be booked in by calling 07902194909 or emailing info@xen-do.com.

As always, we have online memberships through our our virtual training site and have just launched Xen-Do Live Training, where your Sensei will be able to view and comment on your technique, keep you motivated, and train right alongside you the whole class!

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The Story of Martial Arts & Kickboxing Videos

Xen-Do London's Kickboxing and Martial Arts style can be traced back to the original Shaolin Monks. Join us in Xen-Do's new Baker Street London dojo for a riveting and informative journey through the ages.

As well as a lesson in history, watch team Xen-Do Senseis display their Kickboxing and Martial Arts skills in a variety of demonstrations featuring self defence, sparring and dramatic theatre. See the founder of Xen-Do Dai Master Raf unveil a talent for acting that you never thought he had!

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