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Dai Master Raf and Sensei Denise Bailey are true champions on the world stage, their standing acknowledged by everyone in the field of Kickboxing and Martial Arts.

Many Xen-Do instructors and students like to test their skills against others in tournaments and competitions. While Xen-Do encourages and supports this, such participation is entirely voluntary and up to each individual.

In this video series you will see Xen-Do's Kickboxing and Martial Arts style put into practice. You can observe the fusion of western Kickboxing and eastern Martial Arts, Bruce Lee's 'become like water my friend' as you watch the fluid and continuous movements of Xen-Do's Dai Master Raf, and Sensei Denise Bailey and Sensei Anthony Nieto.

Above all you will get an insight into the Xen-Do champions, mind as you witness their determination and understand that for team Xen-Do 'winning is the only option'!

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