Xen-Do Testimonials

It is our belief at Xen-Do that we deliver the best Kickboxing and Martial Arts training in London.

Our fully qualified champion instructors have helped many people to achieve their full potential and unleash their inner dragon,. Have a look at what some of our students say about their training experience at Xen-Do.


"This was a huge step for me to take and the instructors have been beyond amazing, even though it's only been a short time, I can feel my confidence slowly growing. They are patient, helpful and encouraging, I have had the opportunity to work with a few different trainers and each has been incredible, and the other staff that work alongside them are just as wonderful as the trainers. Looking forward to training more in the future."



"Great sensei and great training! Improves my balance and endurance in a few months and not only do you train but you learn how to defend yourself! Couldn’t recommend more."



"Friendly and funny staff, amazing training and lots of hard work. Definitely recommend!"



"This place is fun and challenging and really convenient as you can go to different classes, rather than having to commit to a specific day and time. The teachers are really friendly and they all have their own style of teaching, so you get something different from each of them."



"The change that I feel in my health confidence and attitude is beyond anything I could have expected or hoped for. I’m extremely thankful to all the senseis (who work you terribly hard but are always smiling and kind). Also, as a woman and my friend is a modest dressing woman, we feel completely included and equal here. I adore it."



"Highly recommend Xen do. Great instructors. The place is clean and it has a great atmosphere. Definitely the best place in London to learn kikckboxing and martial arts."



"The trainers are all highly experienced, friendly and make the sessions fun. People of all abilities and fitness levels attend. They’ll push you but you’ll soon realise the benefits."



"If you want to challenge yourself this defo a place where you can do that. Very intense workout people are great. I have lost weight got more flexible and stronger. Also made a few good friends there. "



"Awesome classes. 100% burnt out after each class. Great for fitness and Self Defence. Amazing instructors . Doesn't matter what level of fitness you are. They just want you to push yourself to achieve your goals. Great for any age group. Definitely recommend this to everyone."



"I started kickboxing here 2 years ago and every step of my journey has been absolutely phenomenal. Not only has my fitness has improved but my mental health as well. 12/10 would recommend to anyone!!! Join todayyyyy"



"After training for martial arts for over 20 years I can say that xen do marlybone is by far the best. The instructors are extremely patient know exactly when to push and when to inspire. I wouldn’t go anywhere else."

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