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Temporary New Dojo Etiquette

Xen-Do Sesnie's sparring in dojo

1. Touchless temperature checks will be mandatory for everyone upon entry. You will kindly be asked to leave and speak to a doctor if your temperature is above 37º. If you do not feel well, or have been exposed to anyone who is ill, please do not come to the dojo.

2. Social distancing guidelines must always be followed. There are clear markings to follow throughout the dojo.

3. Face masks must be worn by ALL members and visitors while at the dojo. Xen-Do will not supply facemasks, so please come prepared.

4. Water fountain facilities will be temporarily closed.

5. Changing facilities will remain open, with a limited number of people at any one time. However, members are encouraged to come ready in kit where possible.

6. Senseis will be fully geared up with gloves, face masks and/or face shields.

7. There will be a temporary ‘no contact’ policy. Your classes will consist of cardio, combinations, basics, form fighting, bag work, conditioning. Pad work will only be permitted with Senseis and students who are fully protected.

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