Xen-Do Kickboxing and Martial Arts London – Fit for Life in 2015. Part two: Commitment is the first step to success

Commitment is the first step to success

Fit for Life in 2015. Part two: Commitment is the first step to success

In part one we looked at how to choose the right Kickboxing and Martial Arts Club, here Dai Master Raf, founder of the Xen-Do School of Kickboxing and Martial Arts London lets us into the mind of a World Champion and shows us how to embark on a life changing path.

”The Commitment is not a passing phase or a word to be used lightly, that is ego or vanity which is short lived and a fad. Commitment is an all encompassing desire to achieve your aim that brings your goal into focus and surmounts all obstacles – and there will be many of those along the way,” says Dai Master Raf. ”A champion must be able to visualise success and continuously summon the energy, desire to improve and determination to stay the course until the trophy is won”.

Xen-Do’s Sensei Denise Bailey, herself nine times National Champion and a World and European Champion agrees: ”commitment and determination must be put into practice and for that to happen even a Champion needs excellent support. I sought out the best Kickboxing and Martial Arts Senseis in every field and trained with them until I became THE BEST in every aspect and then I set out to win on the Kickboxing and Martial Arts World Stage, that is commitment – life changing and powerful.”

What does this mean for someone setting out to take up Kickboxing and Martial Arts?

”Everyone needs support” says Dai Master Raf and at Xen-Do we provide that. We have a structured curriculum that has evolved into a beautifully simple Kickboxing and Martial Arts style where every student can make rapid progress, we have full time, world class instructors who’s aim is for every student to achieve their personal best and every one hour lesson delivers improved fitness, Martial Arts techniques and FUN which releases those endorphins and adrenaline to make students feel great and motivated to keep on progressing. That is what I mean by supporting commitment and that is why Xen-Do Kickboxing and Martial Arts students tend to stay the course – fit for the life they want to lead.”

At Xen-Do School of Kickboxing and Martial Arts, we offer a free trial lesson so you can try the Xen-Do experience for yourself and see what we mean by commitment, we look forward to seeing you.

Remember to follow Dai Master Raf in Part Three: Fit for Life with Xen-Do

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