Xen-Do Kickboxing and Martial Arts London – Fit for Life in 2015. Part three: Xen-Do the ‘Hybrid all terrain training system’

Hybrid all terrain training system
Xen-Do Kickboxing and Martial Arts Students line up for a demonstration by Dai Master Raf

In part two Dai Master Raf and Sensei Denise Bailey let us into the champions mindset and showed how, even at that level, we all need support.

Dai Master Raf refers to this as ‘the golden thread’ that links us in the present to the authentic history of the past. ”Evolution is part of life’s progress,” says Dai Master Raf, ”The Xen-Do style of Kickboxing and Martial Arts was handed down to me by Master Meiji Suzuki, who created both a formidable fighting system and beautiful Martial Arts form, I have continued to seek enlightenment as to how I can maintain this philosophy and ensure Xen-Do remains in tune with world progress.”

To understand what Dai Master Raf means we have to look at the world today.

Firstly we know more about nature and have learned many lessons as a result of mans interference; hence we now aim to work with nature, respect eco systems and appreciate the often beautiful simplicity of plant and animal life.

Secondly the speed of technological progress has resulted in significant changes to the way we communicate and travel, reaction to environmental issues has led to the introduction of hybrid vehicles and smarter use of resources.

Thirdly all of this so called progress has left us seemingly with less time than ever!

So how has Master Raf interpreted these factors as far as Xen-Do and the world of Kickboxing and Martial Arts is concerned?

”Everything Simple is Effortless; Slow is Smooth and Smooth is Fast,” says Dai Master Raf, ”I am always studying our Xen-Do techniques and curriculum so that Xen-Do remains the most efficient, powerful and beautiful Kickboxing and Martial Arts system anywhere. Let’s see how this translates into actions.

“Time is short both in terms of day to day living and if faced with a threatening situation, so simple yet powerful moves can be executed intuitively, reducing thinking time and focusing energy fast.

“I have analysed every move in the Xen-Do curriculum and removed all superfluous steps to create a distilled system that is simple but certainly not undemanding or easily overcome by an opponent. Xen-Do’s Kickboxing and Martial Arts System is probably now the most efficient and beautiful anywhere. Students focus their energy on techniques that they learn fast and in turn this allows them to spend time performing them correctly and benefiting from the exercise at the same time.

“This means that in a one hour Xen-Do training session our students combine a full body workout with rapid progress in Kickboxing and Martial Arts in a safe and fun environment. All of this is supported by the work we are doing with our Xen-Do affiliates such as healthy living and lifestyle programmes with Louise O’ Driscoll.”

Dai Master Raf likens Xen-Do school of Kickboxing and Martial Arts to a hybrid Range Rover, ”Xen-Do will take you everywhere, using your energy wisely yet intuitively always ready for anything, continuously increasing your confidence as you explore and enjoy the life that you want to lead. That is why I say that Xen-Do makes you Fit for Life.”

Remember to follow Dai Master Raf in Part four: the Beautiful Warrior

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