Xen-Do Kickboxing and Martial Arts London – Fit for Life in 2015. Part one: How to choose a Kickboxing and Martial Arts School

Kickboxing and Martial Arts School

How to choose a Kickboxing and Martial Arts School

According to Dai Master Raf, founder of Xen-Do Kickboxing and Martial Arts London, you should shop around and try before you buy, but why?

Full of enthusiasm and raring to start on the 2nd January you enrol at a club that’s close and convenient to get to, moreover you can pay as you go and the class times suit at the moment. Arriving for the first lesson you are ‘hit’ by the intensity of the training and can feel overwhelmed, of course everyone there wants to show off their fighting skills …. and you are an easy target!

At this stage your enthusiasm wanes and that New Year, New You motivation can be lost.

”Research the Kickboxing and Martial Arts clubs in your area,” says Dai Master Raf, ”what’s your first impression – is this a full time professional business or one that is operated part time? Next look at their web site, is there a systematic training programme with qualified instructors? ”

”If this looks good then what about the lessons, are they held at times to suit you? Can you attend on a variety of days? This can be important if your work or home schedule changes and remember you are embarking on a lifelong programme so you need to consider the future now.”

If this has set you thinking about the basics then there is even more to consider about the style of Kickboxing and Martial Arts options available to you and this is the area in which you have least knowledge upon which to base a decision.

Dai Master Raf explains: ”there are many Martial Arts styles, most focus on one set of techniques, in themselves very good however when you look below the surface there are limitations. The techniques work in the club but are not designed for self defence ‘on the streets’ and the movements concentrate on just one part of the body – a total fitness programme needs activity based on a whole body workout. Think carefully before taking up mixed Martial Arts as these styles can be very aggressive and unsuitable for everyone, remember you will be going to work or school the next day!”

Why choose Xen-Do Kickboxing and Martial Arts in London?

“There are three Xen-Do Clubs with World Champion Instructors,” says Dai Master Raf, “we have classes to suit all ages and levels with a published timetable offering a choice of days and times to suit most schedules. Xen-Do also offer a free trial class so you can judge the experience before making a commitment and know you are making the right decision.”

“Xen-Do’s style of Kickboxing and Martial Arts has evolved into a safe, effective and enjoyable activity improving physical and mental fitness, teaching Kickboxing and Martial Arts techniques and motivating students to achieve their life aspirations.”

“In a one hour class at Xen-Do you will achieve more than in most other exercise programmes, our curriculum and instructors focus on you the student, supporting you to achieve your personal best with complex techniques distilled into simple moves that are powerful, fast to execute and with practice become intuitive. This means Xen-Do Kickboxing and Martial Arts students go further faster, remain safer on the streets and most importantly have more fun!”

Remember to follow Dai Master Raf in Part two: Commitment is the first step to success.

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