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Xen-Do is back and we are ready!

Xen-Do Sensei in training with pupil

We have endured a long unpredictable year, but we are ready to return the Xen-Do way and get back to fighting fit. We have admired all your determination and support to keeping up the ‘fit for life’ lifestyle throughout lockdown sharing your exercise achievements from home, sending us pictures and videos, keeping engaged and in regular contact with us. The past couple of weeks we have enjoyed reminiscing through past years and grading triumphs on social media but now we are ready to get back to the dojo! We’re finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with the government’s most recent announcement, allowing us to reopen our dojos from 12th April!

What are you looking forward to most; smashing the pads? Sensei shouting as you try to hold plank? The adrenaline rush as you bow in to the class, or the exhausted feeling as you bow out, ‘Ouss!’? Team Xen-Do is most looking forward to seeing all our students back with the same hyped energy, great motivation to learn and excellent standards in classes. We have missed the inside of the dojo’s and everyone that fills them.

Two sensie's outside practicing

In the meantime, let’s enjoy the incoming nice weather, together in the park! We’re booking in for 1:1 classes until we can host mini group classes from 29th March.

All memberships will be reactivating from the 15th April in order for you to begin training straight away. If you have any queries regarding your membership, please do not hesitate to contact admin before your payment date. We will be sure to keep all our students updated with latest news and information regarding our re-opening and answer any questions on gradings, continuing our outdoor/virtual lessons, and class bookings.

Ouss! Team Xen-Do

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