Xen-Do Instructors Grading, Spanish Black Belt Grading and Open Master Class Saturday 29th November 2014

Instructors Grading,
Dai Master Raf holds a Master Class for Mugendo Spain

Dai Master Raf is inviting all Xen-Do London students to join a unique event on Saturday 29th November 2014.

The programme starts at 15.00 / 15.30 with a special Grading for Xen-Do Instructors and a Black Belt grading for students from Mugendo Spain. This is your opportunity to see Kickboxing and Martial Arts Grading at the highest level, support your Xen-Do Senseis as they demonstrate the skills that reinforce Xen-Do’s World Class status and meet our colleagues from Spain.

This will be followed at 17.00 / 17.30 by an Open Master Class conducted jointly by Dai Master Rafael Nieto and Great Grand Master Ricardo Gress from Spain.

There is no charge for the Master Class which is open to Xen-Do students of all grades and will be a fantastic experience for all. Please wear full Xen-Do uniform: Ghi and protective kit.

The event will be held at Xen-Do Marylebone which is situated in the Seymour Leisure Centre, W1H 5TJ, the address and directions can be found at The programme will end at 19.00 / 19.30.

If you have not previously attended this type of event at Xen-Do this is a fantastic opportunity for all grades to experience Kickboxing and Martial Arts at its most excellent and learn new skills from two of the World’s leading exponents.

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