Why choosing Xen-Do gives you a Great Body! Part two: Kickboxing and Martial Arts versus Machines!

choosing Xen-Do gives you a Great Body
Sensei Anthony engaging in push-ups, effectively working both major and minor muscle groups, which provide a more traditional full body exercise with your own body weight, compared to cumbersome gym equipment.

“Xen-Do is derived from an original and authentic Martial Art so of course you might think we are biased against machines,” states Dai Master Raf. “The Shaolin monks based their training on natural techniques to develop an extremely fit body and powerful mind so let’s look at why and how this benefits today’s Xen-Do curriculum. Enter a Gym and what do you see? Rows of machines designed to work out different parts of your body – at different times! In real life we don’t use our bodies this way and we certainly don’t restrict our movements to those of the ‘Gym machines’ – man is a multi tasking, sensory and social being and that is how we need to exercise. Let’s look at the importance of ‘social connection’ in the development of a great body – go to the gym, take a tour of the machines and interact with a video or sound track, connected yet isolated. Conversely join Xen-Do’s World Class Senseis and your friends in the dojo and share an adrenaline fuelled, fun and progressive hour where every part of your body is active and your brain receives an endorphin charge that will increase your motivation and sense of well being.

“Which form of exercise is likely to give you consistently great results over a greater length of time? It has to be Kickboxing and Martial Arts and with Xen-Do’s highly developed curriculum, great social environment and convenient central London locations you are sure to find a club and class to suit you.”

Follow Dai Master Raf in part three as he looks at the importance of balancing Cardio and Strength training.

Choosing what form of exercise is best for you is an important decision, why not book a FREE Xen-Do trial lesson and experience Dai Master Raf’s training approach for yourself?

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