Why choosing Xen-Do gives you a Great Body! Part one: The importance of whole body training.

importance of whole body training
Sensei Anthony demonstrating a roundhouse kick, engaging his whole body and activating his core.

”Most people think one dimensionally when it comes to exercise” says Dai Master Raf, founder of Xen-Do Kickboxing and Martial Arts London. ”They focus on getting ready for the beach aiming to tone rapidly in order to show off. This approach is short term and fails to instil a long term love of exercise combined with a regular and noticeable increase in overall muscle tone, stamina and mental wellbeing.”

Why is Xen-Do different? – importance of whole body training

Xen-Do’s Hybrid training system stimulates the whole body from lesson one.

”Look at it this way” says Dai Master Raf, “machines in a gym are designed to work one part of the body at a time, this limits the call up on muscle fibres and gets nowhere close to maximum calorie burn.

“Our Xen-Do curriculum is designed to use every part of the body at every stage combining full muscle fibre call up with full cardio workout, with Xen-Do you achieve more in a one hour session than most other forms of exercise and that includes chart topping calorie burn and adrenaline flow to give you that ‘feel good’ factor.”

Follow Dai Master Raf in part two as he looks at how training in the dojo can be far superior than training on machines.

Choosing what form of exercise is best for you is an important decision, why not book a FREE Xen-Do trial lesson and experience Dai Master Raf’s training approach for yourself?

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