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Upcoming Senior Grading!

Xen-Do London Kickboxing and Martial Arts Grading

Are you ready for the final senior grading this year?! Since returning to the dojo after too many lockdowns you have trained hard and are now moving forward to your next step. The Senior grading for those achieving blue/white and above will be on Sunday 28th November at Goodge Street – time will be confirmed.

If you would like to register and book in for the grading please speak to your Sensei before Thursday 18th November to attend the grading. Before your next class speak to Sensei and they will be able to test your basics and combination to put you forward to grade with Dai Master Rafael if you are ready.

We ask that all students that they bring sparring gear to the grading, this includes a gum shield, groin guard/breast guard, and shin pads as there may be form fighting or sparring on the day.

On the day we ask that you arrive 5 minutes before your lesson starts so you can register at reception and stretch before you need to line up. This year with the way the world has been we ask all students attending the grading to take a lateral flow test the day before/of the grading to present the results. This way we can keep all students and instructors safe and can have a great time at the grading.

Look forward to seeing you all there!


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