A NEW (school) YEAR, A NEW YOU!

A pupil walking down the Xen-Do stairs outside baker street

The summer holidays are coming to an end and you are getting ready to start the new school year! You are ready! With your new rucksack on and telling all your friends everything you’ve been up to. The holidays… the days spent in the park… and the list continues of all the amazing ways you spent your summer, it dawns on you, how will you spend your time now?

We have the solution! Come find Xen-Do Kickboxing at one of our dojos. While everyone else is spending an extra hour at school in the same after school clubs as last year, where will you be? At the dojo practicing front punch and, on your way, to achieving black belt!

A NEW (school) YEAR, A NEW YOU!

PARENTS: This is a great way to get your kids socialising, away from technology and being active all year round! Click here for more information. Xen-Do’s curriculum starts from as young as 4 years old and you can find a suitable class on our timetables: Baker Street, Marylebone Street and Goodge Street during one of our Little Champs (4-6 years), Junior Champs (6-11 years) or Teenagers classes (11-15 years). We are not about fighting; we will teach your children about self – defence while also learning a new skill and gaining a hobby. The combinations, pad work and entire class will keep your kids smiling and excited for what’s next. We also involve stranger awareness and how to deal with bullies, though we hope the children never need to use it.

A pupil walking down the Xen-Do stairs inside the baker street dojo

Why not book in for a FREE trial class? We currently have an offer for 10% off kids’ classes, take advantage of it while you can!

We look forward to meeting you! OUSS

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