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Let’s get back to training!

Dear Member,

Hope everyone has stayed safe and busy during the lockdown and we want to say a huge well done to everyone that carried on training privately in the parks and online during this tough period!

Lockdown comes to an end 12:01am on the 2nd December 2020 therefore we are extremely pleased to announce that our door will re-open on the 2nd at 9:30am.

Private and Personal classes can begin to be booked in now by calling your dojo or emailing info@xen-do.com. We will continue to use our class booking system, so please log on and start booking using the links below:

Goodge Street| Marylebone| Baker Street| Mayfair

Xen-Do will be adhering to Government guidelines while also going above and beyond with sanitising and everything we have continued to do throughout this pandemic. Please. Remember to wear your face masks when entering the dojo (unless you are exempt).

What this virus has shown us is that it is vital that we stay healthy mentally and physically, so let’s get back to training hard, achieving our belts, and most importantly having fun!

Regarding direct debits, if your payment went through in November you WILL NOT be charged until January 2021. For all members that were frozen in November, Direct Debits will resume in December. For any membership queries, email admin@xen-do.com.


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