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How kickboxing changed my life

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Arghierenia Kyrimi is an actor, writer and producer in London. She’s into fitness, she’s into cooking. She designs websites and runs a self-tape business for actors. Co-founder of Jittery Pens Productions and an artistic associate of Bashir Productions, she’s on a mission to improve diversity in the performing arts. In the middle of it all, she makes time to train once a week at Xen-Do School of Martial Arts in Marylebone.

And on top of that, in February Argie was inspired by her training to write up an article about how kickboxing has impacted her mental health and well-being. I’ve included one of our favourite quotes below:

“I am forever grateful for the moment that I signed up. I’ll never know if it was an impulsive decision or a moment of inner strength where my heart overtook my worrying brain. All that matters is that it was definitely the right decision. You see, what kickboxing and other martial arts offer is not just the mood-enhancing benefits of exercise. They offer a sense of community and the chance to develop a fitness skill as well as a life skill. Learning new techniques, progressing and moving up the grades gives a sense of achievement that would be much more difficult to get by training alone at the gym.”

A year into her membership with Xen-Do, Argie’s worked her way up to Green/White belt, and is now learning how to spar. Look to hear more from her soon!

In the meantime, here’s a link to the rest of Argie’s article: psyche.media

To learn more about Argie’s work:

Jittery Pens Productions website.

Bashir Productions website.

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