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Fit for Life

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Fit for life. This is the phrase I most often use to describe Xen-Do and what we do. Repeat this phrase several times and reflect on it. What does it mean to you? Does the enormity of these three words sink in?

It’s easy to think of fitness at an immediate, physical level and here the benefits of training with Xen-Do are easily seen, improved stamina, flexibility, strength and cardio performance. When we talk about life and relate that to our whole life, then fitness is even more significant if we are to remain active and literally ‘fit for life’ especially as we enter our 50’s and beyond.

Let’s now look at mental fitness where again the immediate release of adrenaline and endorphins create a feel-good factor. It’s when we look at mental fitness at a higher, longer-term level that we begin to appreciate the contribution to our whole life outlook. Parents bring their children to Xen-Do to improve their behaviour and performance at school, many Xen-Do members have demanding careers and find the release from stress a major benefit. However, it is in our improved resilience to and enjoyment of life over the years that really counts: the determination to succeed in exams, career, interests and dreams. Fit for life and emotionally fulfilled.

Increasingly, I hear ‘self-defence’ given as a reason to take up martial arts and here I want to throw light on the delusion that proficiency on the dojo prepares you fully to face the street. Of course, to an extent it does – the playground bully is deflated, Xen-Do’s approach to personal safety equips you to anticipate and avoid conflict and our techniques can give you the edge to gain time in an attack in order to run.

Start using Xen-Do’s mindset and simple techniques to reduce your fear of violence and channel your adrenalin and endorphins released on the dojo to boost your inner confidence and increase your willpower. Respect fear, hone your intuition to recognise, respect and repel that which impedes your aims and together with us at Xen-Do focus on becoming increasingly fitter for life on the whole.

Dai Master Rafael Nieto

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