5 Benefits of Kickboxing

Benefits of Kickboxing

Benefits of Kickboxing

Fat burning

Kickboxing is a fantastic way to get in shape for many reasons, but primarily, its cardio-conditioning capacity is unparalleled. Other forms of exercise, such as cycling or rowing may improve the conditioning of your legs or arms but do little for other muscle groups. Kickboxing is a guaranteed workout all over and guarantees that you will lose body fat quickly and effectively. Its focus on core strength also means that it is particularly effective at shifting that annoying tyre of fat around your midsection.

Our students burn around 1,000 calories per class (as ratified by a recent FitBit experiment). Undoubtedly, Xen-Do is a great way to get fit, fit and stay fit. The proof is in the pudding… or something like that.

Tone your body and co-ordination

Kickboxing strengthens the core and tones the whole body. As you train and lose fat, you will inevitably leave bulging muscles in their place and look like the athlete you have always wanted. Sun’s out, guns out, right?

For a lot of people, however, it is not just about looking like a Greek God. It is about being able to move like one too. Our training sessions involve a combination of pad-work as well as learning technique. In doing so, you will naturally improve your balance, coordination, flexibility and overall sporting prowess. We have sportsmen and women, ranging from footballers to fencers, come to Xen-Do to improve their general physical capabilities, which they can then transfer to their own sports.

Learn self-defence

Now that we have explained that we can turn you into physical works of art with the balance of a trapeze artist and the reactions of a Formula 1 driver, you are probably a little sceptical that there can even be a third benefit, right? WRONG! Self-defence is a massive part of what we offer our students. Everyone knows what it can feel like to walk down a street and feel unsafe. Here at Xen-Do we teach you how to defend yourself, to be ready for confrontation should the situation arise and train your subconscious mind to react appropriately.

Being able to defend yourself is a valuable commodity in today’s world and it can be incredibly empowering to know that you have the skills to get out of a potentially dangerous situation, if need be.

Reduce stress, control aggression

Studies have suggested that intense physical exercise is a great way to relieve stress. The release of endorphins is the brain’s way of letting you know that something good is happening. When you exercise, your brain goes into endorphin overdrive. Basically, science says if you want to feel good, you should probably come to Xen-Do. You can’t really argue with scientific fact now, can you?

On a practical level, is there a better way to forget the stressful demands of the working day than hitting pads until you can’t move? Of course not! And for those that doubt, remember, science says I’m right!

Gain confidence and make friends

As if all of the above wasn’t enough, Xen-Do is a wonderful community where you are guaranteed to meet a fantastic group of students and instructors alike. Xen-Do attracts people from all walks of life with one thing in common: they want to know how to kick butt and look great. How can you not feel more confident after transforming your body, your skills and your mind-set?

So, if you want to feel the benefits that we can offer you at Xen-Do and get your kickboxing journey underway fill out our booking form for a FREE trial here.

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