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New year new Belt – 2019 Grading Calendar


2018 is coming to an end, it’s now time to starting planning for the New Year and make sure you continue to change your lifestyle and reach your goals. New Year’s resolutions come and go, but this grading calendar is here to stay!

Download Grading Calendar 2019

The reason behind Dai Master Rafael Nieto’s grading system is to ensure that our students stay on track with their our goals and master the basics, combinations, pairs, and overall fitness levels. If you are the type of person who loses interest in the gym by the time February comes around…Xen-Do is the perfect place for you!

“Perfecting your skills in martial arts and kickboxing is all about effective preparation.. As the old saying goes, if you fail to prepare then you had better be prepared to fail.” – Master Raf

This year, grading weeks will occur for all belts (excluding Seniors), every five weeks. Whether you’re a little champ, teenager, Yellow belt or Red belt, your grading will happen during the highlighted weeks! Senior belts (Green to Black belts) have specific days where they will be hosted at Goodge Street for a grading with Dai Master Rafael Nieto himself.

Remember to ask your Sensei if you have any queries about your next grading.

Download Grading Calendar 2019

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