Martial Arts for All

Kickboxing has long been viewed as a male dominated sport and here at Xen-Do we can’t think of a single reason why it should be. It’s time to break the mould!

Over half of our members are women of varying ages. Our classes are designed to incorporate everyone and create a fun, friendly and safe environment to get fit, learn a martial art, and enjoy yourself.

Don’t believe us? Ask one of our members. Argie has been attending our group classes since 2017 and this is what she had to say about her experience with us:

"Fast-forward: it is 2017 and I am finishing drama school. At the same time my anxiety is skyrocketing and working out at the gym is just not enough of a stress release, especially as I don’t feel like I’m achieving much. So I’m walking down the street and remember the Xen-Do banner outside my gym: BOOK A FREE TRIAL. I take my phone out, go on the Xen-Do website and fill in my details, I’ve got nothing to lose, the trial is free after all.

I had no idea what to expect and I had no idea that my life was about to change forever. From my very first class I felt super motivated and as if I was 'getting it', I was in my element. Of course, there was still a LOT to learn and there still is. For my first year, I was on a once a week membership and was going up the grades on a fairly standard pace. As the months past, I felt more and more as a member of the community, I went from mumbling 'hello' and 'goodbye' as I entered and exited the dojo to proudly exclaiming 'Ouss!'"

Arghierenia Kyrimi

Thanks Argie, we couldn’t have put it better ourselves! To check out Argie’s full Xen-Do journey head to over to our News Page to read the whole story.

Our four clubs are based in Marylebone, Baker Street, Goodge Street and Mayfair and very easy to get to.

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