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SELF DEFENCE CLASSES IN LONDON: Xen-Do Martial Arts is primarily a kickboxing martial arts club, but our classes also incorporate a high quality and pragmatic self-defence element.

The Xen-Do motto is fit for life, which essentially promotes a holistic approach to living healthily. We understand that that it may not be everyone’s ambition to become the world’s greatest kickboxer. However, we do believe that everyone should try to be the best version of themselves that they can be. Part of that, is learning how to defend yourself and that is what we try to teach at Xen-Do.

For example, our instructors can show you how to perform a beautiful and elegant roundhouse kick that would wow even the great Bruce Lee himself. On the other hand, they will also teach you how to speedily and efficiently nullify a threat or attack should the situation arise. We provide a safe and comfortable environment where you can learn and practice these techniques so if you need to call upon them in real life.

Our instructors are British and world kickboxing champions meaning you will receive expert training in our self-defence philosophy.

Our four clubs are based in Marylebone, Baker Street and Goodge Street and very easy to get to.

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With four top spec gyms located conveniently in and around Central London, you’re sure to find a local dojo near you.

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