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Sensei Szabolcs Ferenc Balogh

Black Belt

Sensei Balogh’s first interaction with martial arts was when he was 7 years old and from the moment he started, there was never much doubt that it would be a big part of his life. He began by practising in the disciplines of kickboxing and Kung Fu, spending many years training in both. He has participated in numerous different martial art competitions to test his skills against the best in the business.

Sensei Balogh cites the reason for wanting to pursue martial arts was to learn self-defence. Growing up in a less than safe neighbourhood meant that protecting himself was the order of the day and turning it into a career path shows how resourceful Sensei Balogh can be.

At the age of 22, Sensei Balogh had to end his career as a professional fighter. He decided that an adventure abroad would be his next step and moved to Münich and then Florida, before settling in London for a new adventure. Sensei Balogh decided to look for a martial arts related job (obviously!) in London and this is how he came to find Xen-Do.

Sensei Balogh talked to us about beginning his Xen-Do experience:

"I decided to book a free trial class before applying to be a Sensei. I had my first class with Sensei Levon and I absolutely loved it! The dojo was professional. I also liked the grading system, cleanliness, the atmosphere and the bond between the instructors and students.

Xen-Do was definitely the right choice for me. It’s a pleasure coming to work each day. It’s a rarity to be able to mix a passion with a career but at Xen-Do I have that opportunity."

Szabolcs Ferenc Balogh

Away from the dojo, Sensei Balogh’s other hobbies include playing football, spending time with his family and cooking. But Sensei Balogh doesn’t spend a lot of time away from the dojo, such is his passion for kickboxing and the martial arts

Welcome to the club Sensei Balogh!

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