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Sensei Shervin Sepanji

Black Belt

Sensei Shervin started off his martial arts career in primary school with Judo. He continued to train and travelled all around Europe competing internationally.

In conjunction with competing internationally, Sensei Shervin studied sports science at City of Westminster and Uxbridge College. He then progressed in a six-month government funded program at a gym, learning everything you need to know about the human body. After completing this intensive course, Sensei Shervin then entered the personal training world. He stuck with this for 3 and a half years progressing to working and training with a power lifting Olympic coach.

In April 2015 everything changed when Sensei Shervin came down the stairs into our Baker Street dojo and met Dai Master Raf, little did he know he would never be the same again. Shervin always gives 100% and is a team player, he showed this by following the 2015 team to Barcelona to his support the Senseis who all brought home gold.

Shervin paused his career at Xen-Do for a while to pursue other things but couldn’t deny his love for it, he returned to us in 2019 and we welcome him back! Sensei Shervin brings energy that mixes perfectly with the Xen-Do atmosphere. He loves to joke with everyone that walks through the door and his catchphrases are so infectious you’ll be saying them for days.

Sensei Shervi's quotes:

Since I’ve been with Xen-Do my life has changed for the better.
I’ve always wanted to do kickboxing, but I could never find the right fit, until now.
When you train with the best, you become the best!

Sempai Shervin

Ouss Sensei!

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