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Sensei Rijana Puljic

1st Dan

Sensei Rijana has been training at Xen-Do for over ten years. She was a member at Xen-Do’s former location, Karmaa, and competed in her first interclub competition there when she was only nine years old.

She was the only girl in her age category and came out with a silver medal, behind first place by only one point. Rijana’s determination and strength also led her to receive her Black Belt in July 2017. Although Rijana has always assisted the Senseis, she recently decided that being a student was not enough and that the title Sensei was exactly what she wanted.

Outside of the dojo, Rijana is furthering her education to have a career in Medicine. She has always had a passion for sports, including but not limited to Martial Arts. Her love for sports extends to gymnastics, basketball, swimming, dancing and fencing.

Sensei Rijana has been training with Xen-Do since she was 8 years old and can recall her first memory;

"Sensei Anthony took my very first lesson, I remember playing a game at the end of the lesson he had managed to wrap a belt around my ankle and hang me up like a fish. Since that day Xen-Do had me hook, line and sinker"

Rijana Puljic

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