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Instructor Sensei Patryk Sylwester Fic biography image

Sensei Patryk Sylwester Fic

3rd Dan

He moved to the UK in 2005 from Szczecin which is a city in Poland located near the Baltic Sea. He has been training with Xen-Do since he was nine years of age, he trained hard and now proudly has two stripes on his black belt reaching 3rd Dan in 2018.

As a junior champ Sensei Patryk competed in ‘in-house’ competitions back in our Camden dojo. In 2018 Sensei Patryk went with Xen-Do to Barcelona, he competed in the Spanish open fighting in the light continuous Under 80kg bringing home the gold.

Alongside his love of kickboxing, he has a degree in Business Studies from the University of Westminster. He is an avid sportsman and enjoys tennis, ice-hockey and Martial Arts. Patryk is bilingual speaking both English and Polish.

"When I first moved to England from Poland I didn’t know any English, the move was difficult and a big thing. I joined Xen-Do and it became a bit of a sanctuary - they helped me with my confidence and to develop friendships. I was taught to be disciplined which was an enormous help to me. I am more confident and have learnt Self Defence which I really enjoy passing on to others."

Patryk Fic

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