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Sensei Marcus Frederick

A born and bred Peckham lad, Sensei Marcus had not always planned for a career in the martial arts. He spent his formative years studying Electrical & Mechanical Engineering and Construction with aspirations of becoming an engineer or even an architect. His fascination with culture and arts was the driving force behind his thirst to develop a greater understanding of iconic building structures and designs. A philistine, Sensei Marcus is not!

However, in his spare time, there was a desire inside Sensei Marcus for competition that always drew him to sports and the martial arts. He has previously played and coached tennis and is a capable boxer as well as being well versed in Taekwondo. More recently, Sensei Marcus believed that his fighting and competing days were behind him. That is, until he found Xen-Do, of course.

Sensei Marcus had this to say:

"I remember signing up to my first free trial. I was a but nervous as I had not participated in combat exercise in a while and I wasn’t sure if my body could handle it. I remember the Senseis telling me that the way the Xen-Do curriculum allowed our bodies to move would mean that it would open up a whole world of possibilities for me. I felt trepidatious at first but 10 minutes into the first class, I knew all I had to. I was pumped and excited to see where Xen-Do could take me in the field of martial arts and combat sport. Senseihood is another rung on the ladder that I am climbing and I am delighted to be a part of it all."

Well, we are pleased to have you, Sensei Marcus.

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