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Important announcement!

Xen-Do Martial Arts is now closed due to Tier 4 restrictions. In the meantime, we are offering 1:1 private park classes, which can be booked in by calling 07902194909 or emailing info@xen-do.com.

As always, we have online memberships through our our virtual training site and have just launched Xen-Do Live Training, where your Sensei will be able to view and comment on your technique, keep you motivated, and train right alongside you the whole class!

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Sensei Lewes Findlay

2nd Dan

He started his sports career at the tender age of five playing football with Middlesex County. Sensei Lewes then progressed to Football College between the ages of sixteen to twenty. When Sensei Lewes was finished with college he was scouted by Semi-Pro club, Hayes.

Unfortunately, Sensei Lewes suffered a life changing injury, which forced him to stop football and re-evaluate his prospects. Sensei Lewes was in limbo waiting for his injury to heal!

In his spare time away from Xen-Do Sensei Lewes is a car enthusiast and enjoys spending time with his daughter.

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