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Instructor Sensei Kasheme Walton biography image

Sensei Kasheme Walton

1st Dan

Sensei Kasheme had an incredible first year as a Sensei here at Xen-Do. His determination and perseverance enabled him to obtain his Black Belt through the Xen-Do’s hybrid curriculum in just 7 months.

As a youngster, Sensei Kasheme had a natural athletic ability when it came to football and spent his teenage years working to become a professional. Having been born and raised in Nottingham, his dreams materialised when he was scouted by Nottingham Forest. He spent 2 years playing as an apprentice and signed a professional contract after that. His experiences as a professional footballer pushed him to compete in tournaments in Austria, Portugal and Spain.

Sensei Kasheme moved to London in the summer of 2016 and it was at this point that he decided to take a new sporting direction. Unsurprisingly to us here at Xen-Do, he found that a career in Kickboxing was the way to go and he was a natural.

After many months of constant training under the legend Master Rafael Nieto, Sensei Kasheme’s fitness and technique also placed him first at the Spanish Open for light continuous Under 85 in June 2017. Then, holding his title and upping his game the following year, he competed in the Full Contact Under 85kg category in 2018.

Sensei Kasheme had this to say:

"The transition from football to Kickboxing was not always the smoothest. Football doesn’t really require you to lift your legs above waist-height; in fact, there are rules against that sort of thing. But the more flexible I become, the more I am enjoying learning the ways of Xen-Do and I am determined to become the best Martial Artist I can be."

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