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Sensei Julien Antoine

Black Belt

You may get a sense of deja vu when you look at Sensei Julien. Well, you would be right to think he looks familiar as he is also Sensei Nick’s not-so-little brother!

Like his diminutive older sibling, Sensei Julien is originally from Nime, in the South of France. He became a member of Xen-Do at the tender age of 10 years old and would attend classes at Xen-Do’s Karmaa location whenever he came to the UK for a visit. Sensei Julien has always been a keen sportsman, partaking in swimming, rugby and skateboarding events throughout his school years. These fleeting visits to Xen-Do however, whet his appetite for kickboxing and as soon as he could, he took the opportunity to head over to London and become a Sensei.

Here is how his first few months have gone:

"I am really enjoying being an instructor at Xen-Do. It is great to work with my older brother and I really love the mental aspects and respect that is commanded by everyone that trains on the dojo. My biggest hurdle is the language barrier, but all the Senseis and students are so friendly that it is not much of a barrier at all. I can’t wait to keep improving and meet more great people."

Xen-Do’s very own French connection!

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