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Sensei Judah Wheeler

1st Dan

Sensei Judah may appear to be your run-of-the-mill, typical London lad born and raised in the capital but, as with all of our Senseis, there is more to Judah than meets the eye. He actually spent most of his childhood growing up in Gibraltar and this is where is love affair with the Martial Arts began.

Sensei Judah has been practising (and competing) in various disciplines for more than 22 years including: Taekwondo, where he became British Champion in 1997; Savate, where he became British Champion in 2012, 2014 and 2015; as well as boxing and Kickboxing.

Away from the dojo, Sensei Judah spent over 3 years in the Armed Forces and specifically served in the oldest regiment of the army, The Coldstream Guard. Whilst never serving in any wars overseas, Sensei Judah played an important role in protecting various palaces in the United Kingdom.

On his induction to Xen-Do, Sensei Judah had this to say:

"From the moment I walked in it felt like a natural fit and something that would help me develop my passions beyond the levels I have currently reached. Most of my interests such as Martial Arts and weight-lifting involve power and strength and Xen-Do teaches me speed and fluidity so I feel it is something that is going to unlock my potential exponentially. I love training, I love the team and I love improving every day."

Judah Wheeler

In his spare time, Sensei Judah enjoys reading comics and we think this is where his obsession with trying to become a super-hero began.

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