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Sensei Joseph Andrew Watkins

Black Belt

Sensei Joseph is one of the newest instructors here at Xen-Do Martial Arts.

Although he is new to the team, he has been working on his martial arts career for over 13 years, reaching the level of 2nd Dan in Shotokan Karate. In addition to Xen-Do and Shotokan Karate, Joseph has also trained in Kung Fu. His passion for martial arts takes up most of his time, however, when he is not in the dojo, Joseph can be found swimming, playing basketball or continually expanding his knowledge and love for computers. Joseph recently spent 10 months volunteering as an Outdoor Activities Instructor at an adventure camp in Melbourne, Australia.

Joseph’s statement about Xen-Do proves that it is a perfect fit:

"I really love the feeling that you get when you enter the dojo at Xen-Do and value what this brand strives to build in people. It correlates with what I want to give my students and how I want to be as a person."

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