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Sensei Gayane Ghazaryan

From a very young age, Sensei Gayane had an interest in the martial arts. Despite the fact that her heart was with the sport, her parents believed in a different dream for her - to follow her talent for music. She always held a strong flame for martial arts but enrolled in piano lessons instead… Luckily for Xen-do, this didn’t cool her true passion.

At 22 years old, she decided to get more active and took up ballroom dancing. In nine short months, she became an assistant teacher to the club she was training at. This was a passion Sensei Gayane pursued for 7 years until she made the decision to move to London. Wanting to expand her knowledge in fitness, she became a fitness instructor and started teaching group exercise classes at her local gym.

Two and half years ago, she was introduced to mixed martial arts and started teaching combat classes. This reignited the fire and hidden appetite for martial arts. Soon after, she joined Xen-Do at Goodge Street.

Sensei Gayane says about her experience thus far:

"the Senseis have taught me and encouraged me to train hard so that now I can happily call myself Sensei. I did not know when joining and starting kickboxing as my hobby it would become a love that I am lucky enough to call my job!

I love teaching the classes and watching each student grow and develop to achieve their next belt."

Welcome to the team Sensei Gayane!

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