Belt Grading

At Xen-Do Kickboxing and Martial Arts London you can make rapid progress through the belt grades without compromising technique or the effectiveness of every move. This is due to Dai Master Raf's unique curriculum which you can read more about here.

Click anywhere on the arrows below to navigate through the belt grading wheel and discover the Xen-Do Kickboxing and Martial Arts Curriculum.

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1st Grade
(Counter Punches / leg behind kicks)

Xen-Do Yellow Stripe Kickboxing / Martial Arts Belt
  • Basic Techniques
  • 1. Slide Forward / Slide Back
  • 2. Move Left / Move Right
  • 3. Change Legs
  • 4. Turn
  • Combinations
  • 1. Counter Front Punch, Reverse Punch, Front Punch
  • 2. Front Kick, Leg Behind, Front Punch, Reverse Punch, Front Punch
  • 3. Roundhouse Kick, Leg Behind, Front Punch, Reverse Punch, Front Punch
  • Combination Pad Work
  • 1. Combination Pad Work 1-2-3
  • Self-Defence
  • 1. Cover, Cover, Duck, Duck, Lean Back (Head Covers)

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