Kickboxing and Martial Arts Classes in London: Train with real champions and experts in Self Defence in convenient, central London locations.

Xen-Do Martial Arts provide Kickboxing and Martial Arts classes for a healthier and safer way of life. Our classes’ help you unleash the power of your inner dragon to fulfil your potential whilst providing you with an education into the world of martial arts.

Our kickboxing classes are open to all levels, experience and ages with limited restrictions. Whether you're a beginner in martial arts or a black belt in kickboxing, you will be welcomed into the Xen-Do family. Whilst all of our classes are tailored to match your experience, each of the classes will leave you fitter and stronger whilst providing you with the confidence to tackle everyday life.

The classes across London take place in full time Dojo's which are staffed by real Xen-Do Kickboxing Champions & Martial Arts experts. In addition to the classes we offer training, advice and consultation for all aspects of the different Martial Arts disciplines.

We pride ourselves on our friendly, welcoming approach to all visitors to Xen-Do and would like to introduce you to our community. Our aim is educate you through the different stages of Kickboxing and guide you through to a level you are comfortable with.

Book a free Kickboxing lesson!

If you are still unsure about Kickboxing Classes or Martial Arts Lessons in London, why don’t you visit one of our four locations? Bring your training gear and enjoy a free class with one of our expert Instructors. There is no charge for an introduction into Xen-Do and our school of martial arts. What’s stopping you? Book a FREE kickboxing lesson now.

Reserve your class at Xen-Do Baker St. Online

Students at the increasingly popular Xen-Do Baker Street can now reserve a place in their favourite classes by following the link below. Group and personal classes can now be booked up to one month in advance. All we ask is that student's give us 48 notice of any cancellations which too can be done online.

Click to reserve.

This new service is currently only available for Xen-Do Baker Street but will be introduced at Xen-Do Marylebone and Golders Green if it proves successful.

"I Have Been Suprised By How Much More Xen-Do Has Offered"

Jodie - Dylans Mum

"I Would Like To Share The Happiest Day Of My Life"

Joey's Mum Cindy

"My Concerns Were That I Would Be Too Old...
This Could Not Have Been Further From The Truth"

Simon King

"Well done Xen-Do and keep up the good work. Never lose the Magic!!"

Jamie McBarek

"Joining Xen-Do has definitely been one of the best decisions that I have made"

By Ophelia Dennis - Presenter